Designed and developed by Strut Creative

Creative direction: Chelsea Montgomery

Lead web & mobile design: Hayley Barile

Animation: Hayley Barile

Illustrations & Supporting design: Strut design team

Development: Dave Cunnington, Dean Hibbert,  Vian Esterhuizen


With the celebration of Strut's 20th anniversary, I was tasked with leading the web design on a refreshed brand look for the company. With great collaboration and support from the whole team we were able to create a clean, friendly and professional look. The white space in the design creates a canvas to showcase Strut's best work while the friendly illustrations and animations bring a liveliness that reflects the company's personality. The new website allows Strut to creatively express itself in new ways. 

Simple character animations are used throughout the site reflecting the company culture at Strut. The animations show the balance between work and play in the creative process.

During the global pandemic, Strut adapted by working remotely and the company culture lived on through home offices.

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